Named for history (St. Augustine's Treasury Street is the most narrow street in the USA), physical size (narrow like a comic book), and attitude (opinionated, shorter content), Narrow is St. Augustine's free monthly music magazine - and so much more. It's not about covering national acts - it's about finding and helping LOCAL musicians become the NEXT Jason Isbell, Dirty Heads, or Twenty One Pilots. We want to help make St. Augustine the country's next great original music scene!

But we are not naive. We need locals, and we need visitors to come to shows, and experience the amazing city we live in. And many locals and visitors are not interested in reading just about local music. Our content is edgy, sometimes provocative, but we always try to be entertaining. Often satirical, we are confident visitors and locals will love our articles. Or hate them? Either way, they will read them, talk about them, and help us to fan those flames of building a world-class local music scene.

We've done it before. The people running Narrow helped create a scene in Central NJ a few years ago through an Indie label, music venue, and endless promotion of artists. Now, local contributors who work or worked for Compass, Ignition, WFCF Radio, and Drift join the staff. It's a winning combination. We hope you like what we are doing and will communicate with us. It works both ways. Say "hi" at a show or open mic, e-mail us, or better yet work for or with us. We cannot do this alone, we need your help!